Confessions of a Grindr Addict

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Confessions of a Grindr Addict

by Gavin Roach

17 – 28 January 2012

A funny, intimate and awkward journey through the pleasures and pitfalls of sex, love and Grindr.

Felix has a date. A real one! But this time it’s different; it wasn’t set up over the internet, nor did he have to spend hours grinding him first. So why is he freaking out?

It’s been over a year since Felix has been on a proper date and he can’t help but wonder: “What does a guy actually do on a date that doesn’t involve sex?”

As Felix takes those first shaky steps into the scary, uncharted world of a romantic encounter where he’ll actually have to ‘meet’ the person, maybe deleting his trusted smartphone app wasn’t such a smart move after all!

Confessions of a Grindr Addict is a comical, intimate and at times awkward journey through the gay dating world as Felix shares his secrets about sex, love and the odd fetish… or two.

Gavin Roach

Production Photos by Peter Gahan

Winner – 2011 Sydney Fringe Awards for Excellence

“Gavin’s confident writing is matched with an assured, well-paced performance. It’s rare to see one-man shows and forget that’s what you’re watching… Because of the popularity of Grindr, you can be certain that shows tapping into a well-ground life will abound. One can only hope they’re all as good as this.” – Stage Whispers

“Fun and cheeky… It touches a nerve with anyone who’s opened up their heart a little and hoped for the best.” – Arts Hub

“If you ever want a truth bomb to be dropped on you whilst you are hyperventilating from laughter – Gavin’s really your only option. He’s one in a million… At the heart of this confession is a search for an intimate connection that goes beyond sex… Astounding… Sure to be a runaway, international success.” – Augusta Supple

17 – 28 January 2012
Tuesday – Saturday @ 9:30pm



12 Elizabeth St
Kensington, Melbourne VIC 3031

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